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Motion technologies
ZENTORN Technology
Digital modeling, engineering, prototyping and design of products,
production processes, complex technological productions and systems
MOSCOW, Innovation Center Skolkovo
Advanced technology
We apply advanced technologies
for more than 20 industries
Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation
Forming of ceramic coatings on the surface of
metal alloys Al, Ti, Mg, etc., providing increased wear resistance and having a unique set of properties
Isothermal stamping
Effective technology for products made of
Al, Ti, Mg alloys, which allows to increase the accuracy of the workpiece, reduce the material consumption and labor intensity of the manufacturing process
Powder metallurgy
The ability to obtain strong connections
of dissimilar metal and non-metallic
components, is widely used in the field
of high technology
Advantages of the modification coating "ZENTORN"

Multifunctional metal oxide layer consisting of high-temperature modifications of Al2O3 and SiO2, binding spinel oxide compounds and intermetallides
Layers of metal-ceramic compounds of high-temperature polymorphic modifications consist of elements of the base material of the product with a certain selectivity and have the same TEC
Protection against the development of microplastic deformation due to thermocyclic load, providing thermal dynamic protection of the surface of the combustion chamber and internal combustion engine elements
Wear resistance of a dense (3.9 – 4.1 g/cm3), solid (over 2500 HV) oxide coat and binding spinel oxide compounds designed to reduce the coefficient of friction (to a value
of 0.04-0.09)
The catalytic properties of the thermal protection coating provide an increase in thermal efficiency and reduce the level of harmful CO emissions into the atmosphere
The coat (150-200 microns) has a specially selected microporous structure and an oxide phase composition. As a result, we achieved a record low thermal conductivity
(less than 1 W/m·K) of the coating
Industry applications of our engineering solutions
Issue-specific study, development of a specific technical solution, testing and implementation at the customer's production site
Achieve lower fuel consumption, increase engine power and efficiency, reduce harmful hydrocarbon emissions
Solutions for high-load and forced internal combustion engines under extreme operating loads
Rail transport
Increase in the repair period by increasing the service life of the piston rod, reducing fuel consumption
Agriculture equipment and machinery
Allows you to extend the service life of components and parts, to restore them, to solve problems with import substitution
Provides anti-corrosion properties, resistance to thermal shock, increases efficiency and service life
Aviation and Aerospace
Extends the service life of turbine blades, increases their thermal cycling
Oil and gas industry
Given anticorrosive properties, resistance to aggressive environments, increases the service life, chemical resistance, thermal dynamic protection
The solution allows you to eliminate corrosion, extend the service life and ensure decorative coatings
Foodstuff industry
Meets the sanitary requirements of the international standard, the possibility of effective restoration of import substitution parts
Tuning, consumer technologies
The solution allows you to create long-lasting anti-vandal coatings with unique specific properties
Providing increased wear resistance and anti-corrosion, reduced weight of products
Green technologies
Allows you to reduce CO emissions into the atmosphere, reduce fuel consumption, and purify water
R&D center
Engineering and implementation of advanced projects and technologies in priority sectors of economics
Analysis and assessment
Pre-project analysis, expertise and assessment of advanced engineering projects
Mathematical modeling, engineering of 3D models, processes, and properties
preparation of engineering documentation, production of products
Our projects
Implementation of projects and technologies at different stages of their life cycle
Collective Use Center
Technology services to accelerate the engineering and implementation of projects. They include dozens of types of equipment and cover the entire technological cycle
Titanium filters for water purification
Gravity engine
Harnessing the natural energy of gravity
Forged piston
Isothermal stamping of pistons with a niresist insert for internal combustion engines
Streaming Engine
Engine family developments of a new propulsion type
Monitoring device
Device for remote monitoring of the body physiological state
Quadrocopter with increased load capacity
Application of a new type of engine for a maximum take-off weight of more than 1000 kg
Heat and power generator
Waste gas energy recovery device, converts energy into electric current
Engine thrust increase device
The principle of mass
outflow is used
Core competency
ceramic thermal barrier modification coat "ZENTORN", which has an original patented microporous
structure and an oxide phase composition
Forming of a unique set of properties of a ceramic coating based on resistance to thermal cycling and thermal shock. The problem of reducing heat losses and as a result improving the thermal efficiency of the engine is solved
Научная новизна
The composition and technology are patented. We conduct tests on various types of engines from two-stroke go-kart, sports to powerful turbo-diesel engines, constantly analyzing the data obtained and improving the technology
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